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A 57 minutes program directed by Cecilia Domeyko and supported by grants from the Ford Foundation and the Miranda Foundation of Mexico, this beautifully shot one-hour educational program in Spanish outlines how people can set up foundations and non-profit organizations to support the arts. Filled with a tremendous range of art -- Cuban street music, an all-woman orchestra performing new Cuban compositions in a beautiful basilica, sculptors, ceramacists, painters, classical and modern dancers, this lively program was shot under the most difficult circumstances, yet is emerging not only as a wonderful guide to funding the arts, but a work of art in its own right.

"It's In Your Hands: Choose What's Best For You and Your Baby"
Accent Media Producer/President Cecilia Domeyko has just completed post-production on two 15-minute documentaries in English and Spanish on Maternal HIV for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the providers of Medicare and Medicaid.

Domeyko traveled to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami and New York with Assistant Producer Nora Biennia, shooter Obeid Malikyar, and sound man Juan Silva to shoot portraits of five HIV positive women who relay their personal experiences with HIV during their pregnancy.

The programs will be distributed nationwide as part of a bilingual educational kit to state and local health departments, hospitals, and community groups. The aim of this kit is to educate doctors and women of child-bearing years that ALL women should be tested for HIV during pregnancy regardless of their risk.

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2000 GOLD, Mercury Award
2000 Crystal Award of Distinction, Communicator's
2000 Bronze WorldMedal New York Festival

 "Global Links: Education For All - The Uganda Experience" and "Global Lessons: Education Reform in Uganda"
A 29 minute documentary and accompanying training video written and produced for The World Bank AND USAID shot over 6 weeks in Kampala and rural locations all over Uganda with videographer Ralf Oberti.

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1999 International Film and Video Festival Third Place
1999 Telly Awards Bronze
1999 Washington, D.C. Latino, Afro-Caribbean Film & Video Festival - Runner-up
1999 Videographer Awards- Crystal Award of Excellence
1999 International Cinema In Industry Competition (CINDY awards) - Silver
1999 WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival Honorable Mention
1998 WorldFest-Flagstaff International Film Festival Honorable Mention
1998 The Communicator Award Crystal Award of Excellence

Telly Award
The Communicator Award

"Global Links: Education in Chile"
A documentary and accompanying training film written and produced for The World Bank by Cecilia Domeyko. A moving and informative survey of educational reform in Chile. English, Spanish, and French versions. 29 min. Again airing all over the world as part of the World Bank Global Links series, the documentary won a Telly Awards- Silver, International Film and Video Festival- Third Place, Videographer Awards- Crystal Award of Excellence, and a Communicator Award- Crystal Award of Distinction.

2000 Telly Awards - Silver
1999 International Film and Video Festival - Third Place
1999 Videographer Awards - Crystal Award of Excellence
1998 The Communicator Award - Crystal Award of Distinction

Telly Award
The Videographer Award

"Lessons Without Borders"
Writer and Associate Producer: Dr. Jack Jorgens for GVI and USAID. About an innovative government program bringing effective ideas used by USAID and its development partners abroad back home to help small businesses, health programs, and youth organizations in our inner cities.

"USAID: Becoming a Learning Organization"
Producer, Writer, Director: Dr. Jack Jorgens for USAID. A 20 minute training video on reinventing and reengineering the Agency for International Development. The program focuses on the characteristics of USAID as a Learning Organization: personal development, creativity and critical thinking, teamwork, systems thinking, and shared vision. The program documents how development professionals work to eliminate waste, increase efficiency, and improve results.

"Economic Recovery After Involuntary Resettlement"
Producer, Writer, and Director: Cecilia Domeyko for the World Bank. This videotape addresses the need for the inclusion of plans for people forced to resettle as a result of major development projects. Many major development projects such as dams and highways which are funded by the World Bank force hundreds and sometimes thousands of people to leave their homes and move to new locations. In the past, this has caused loss of assets, upheaval in families, long-term unemployment, and in the most severe cases, social unrest. This program, including World Bank footage and original footage shot on location by Accent Media in Mexico, dramatizes the injustices and hardships suffered by involuntary resettlers, and outlines the means by which responsible planners can prevent such disasters. Ms. Domeyko also directed adaptations of this program in Spanish and French.

Magic Wool: The Embroiderers of Isla Negra
Producer, Writer, and Director Cecilia Domeyko. Videographer and Associate Producer Jack Jorgens. Independent Production by Accent Media. The story of a group of Chilean women living in a Chilean fishing village who have become famous for their embroidered tapestries.

  A hauntingly beautiful and moving portrait of a small group of ordinary women who demonstrate extraordinary talent. A tale of the role of art, mystery, and imagination in everyday life, of the power of women to transform their families' lives and the economic status of a whole village. Premiered at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. in 1995. The Spanish version aired on Discovery Channel throughout Latin America in 1996.

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1996 International Cinema Industry Competition (CINDY awards) - Bronze
1996 National Educational Media Network Silver Apple
1996 Rochester Movies on a Shoestring Festival Silver

CINDY Bronze Award
Silver Apple
Shoestring Award

"Learning Nations: Technology And The New Global Economy"
Producer, Writer, Director: Dr. Jack Jorgens for the World Bank. A 48 minute documentary explores the crucial role of new technologies for developing nations, especially in the fields of agriculture, biotechnology, new materials, and communications. The program includes 25 interviews with economists, scientists, and communications experts.

"Portrait of Ana Maria Vera"
An inspiring portrait of a young piano prodigy, both her artistic life and her private life as a normal teenager, aired on WETA-TV (PBS).

"Wired For Safety"
Produced / Directed by Cecilia Domeyko, and written by Jack Jorgens for Lisboa Associates and the Consumer Product Safety Commission. This 12 minute video dramatizes the importance of inspecting home electrical systems, and the devastating consequences of electrical fires. It includes dramatic footage of home fires, interviews with the victims of home fires as well as a fire chief and an expert in home electrical systems.

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