"USAID: Becoming a Learning Organization"
Producer, Writer, Director: Dr. Jack Jorgens for USAID. A 20 minute training video on reinventing and reengineering the Agency for International Development. The program focuses on the characteristics of USAID as a Learning Organization: personal development, creativity and critical thinking, teamwork, systems thinking, and shared vision. The program documents how development professionals work to eliminate waste, increase efficiency, and improve results.

"Economic Recovery After Involuntary Resettlement"
Producer, Writer, and Director: Cecilia Domeyko for the World Bank. This videotape addresses the need for the inclusion of plans for people forced to resettle as a result of major development projects. Many major development projects such as dams and highways which are funded by the World Bank force hundreds and sometimes thousands of people to leave their homes and move to new locations. In the past, this has caused loss of assets, upheaval in families, long-term unemployment, and in the most severe cases, social unrest. This program, including World Bank footage and original footage shot on location by Accent Media in Mexico, dramatizes the injustices and hardships suffered by involuntary resettlers, and outlines the means by which responsible planners can prevent such disasters. Ms. Domeyko also directed adaptations of this program in Spanish and French.

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