A 57 minutes program directed by Cecilia Domeyko and supported by grants from the Ford Foundation and the Miranda Foundation of Mexico, this beautifully shot one-hour educational program in Spanish outlines how people can set up foundations and non-profit organizations to support the arts. Filled with a tremendous range of art -- Cuban street music, an all-woman orchestra performing new Cuban compositions in a beautiful basilica, sculptors, ceramacists, painters, classical and modern dancers, this lively program was shot under the most difficult circumstances, yet is emerging not only as a wonderful guide to funding the arts, but a work of art in its own right.

Magic Wool: The Embroiderers of Isla Negra (1995):
Producer, Writer, and Director Cecilia Domeyko. Videographer and Associate Producer Jack Jorgens. Independent Production by Accent Media. The story of a group of Chilean women living in a Chilean fishing village who have become famous for their embroidered tapestries.

A hauntingly beautiful and moving portrait of a small group of ordinary women who demonstrate extraordinary talent. A tale of the role of art, mystery, and imagination in everyday life, of the power of women to transform their families' lives and the economic status of a whole village. Premiered at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. in 1995. The Spanish version aired on Discovery Channel throughout Latin America in 1996.

1996 International Cinema Industry Competition (CINDY awards) - Bronze
1996 National Educational Media Network Silver Apple
1996 Rochester Movies on a Shoestring Festival Silver

CINDY Bronze Award
Silver Apple
Shoestring Award

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