National Eye Institute

Diabetes beings with it a danger to your eyesight. NEI is preparing to launch a national radio and TV PSA campaign to make sure diabetics have a dilated pupil eye exam at least once a year. Produced in High Definition Television for I.Q. Solutions and NEI, the story is told from the point of view of a girl who is proud of her mother for taking good care of her eyes. Written and Directed by Cecilia Domeyko, Executive Producer/Editor Jack Jorgens, DP Ralf Oberti, Production Manager Marisa Arbona-Ruiz.


"Ojo Con Su Vision" (1995): Produced by Cecilia Domeyko, for Prospect Associates and the National Eye Institute. Accent Media designed, implemented, and evaluated this nationwide, bilingual campaign for the prevention of diabetic eye disease among Hispanics. We developed TV, radio, and print public service announcements, video news releases, a media kit, and a "comic book" containing educational information, as well as identity materials, a logo, a campaign slogan, and letterhead. The campaign reached over 700 Anglo stations, 60 Hispanic TV stations, and 430 U.S. Hispanic radio stations. In addition, print media components of the campaign appeared in approximately 1,500 Anglo and Hispanic print publications in the top 20 Hispanic markets in the U.S. The TV and radio PSAs, hosted by famous salsa star Celia Cruz and her husband Pedro Knight, won a Bronze Award at the 1995 Charleston Film Festival.
1995 The Charleston International Film Festival - Bronze
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