1997 - 2002

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El Hijo Pródigo: In "Prodigal Son," a Hispanic father accepts his son back into the family home when the son is threatened by a gang.

La Abuelita está enferma: "The grandmother is sick" is the story of a grandmother that is taken to the hospital. Her family realizes that it is time to show all the love and gratitude they feel towards her.

La Mamá Soltera Recibe Ayuda: In "Single Mother Gets Help", a neighbor helps a single mother.

Bienvenida Hija: "Welcome daughter" is the story of a father who repents and invites his daughter who is a single mother to come back home.

Discordia Familiar: In "Disagreements in the Family", a father regrets abusing his family and asks for forgiveness.

El Regalo: In "The Present" a boy resists the temptation of stealing, thanks to the good advice he receives from his brother and helps him.

Los Amigos: "The Friends" shows how an alcoholic father decides to change his behavior thanks to the help of a good friend.

Orgullo Familiar: In "Family Pride" a father helps his little son fight discrimination at school, teaching him how to be proud of this own ethnic background.


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