1997 - 2002

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Te Quiero Papá: "I Love You, Dad," is about a son who calls his skeptical father just to tell him how much he loves him.

La Nueva Alumna: "The New Student" shows two teenage girls who mock and criticize a new student. When they remember their own experience of being the stranger, and decide to befriend her.

La Sorpresa: "The Surprise", A young woman is sad because her parents do not seem to have remembered her birthday and feels tempted to take comfort with a friend¹s gang.

Los Nuevos Vecinos: Talking about their "new neighbors", a mother and daughter remember when they were new to this country, and decide to help them out.

La Gente Grande: In "Grownups," an innocent child¹s questions make his father see the importance of forgiveness and of reconciling with his brother.

Silvita: In "Silvita," a brief conversation between two friends in a bar lead one man to make changes in the way he treats his family.

El Reencuentro: In "The Re-Encounter," a father follows his 11 year old son who recently joined a gang and convinces him to return home.

El Secreto: In "The Secret" a young man uses a surprising tactic to get his friend to join him and other young people on a project to help a needy family.


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