1997 - 2002

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La Vergüenza: In "Shame", a father who had previously rejected his AIDS-stricken son shares with a friend that he has repented and wants to ask his son for forgiveness.

El Gol: "The Goal" tells the story of Pedrito and his family at a soccer game invite a reluctant Juan, who receives little support from his parents, to join them for a celebration.

La Guitarra: "The Guitar". A neighbor's intervention helps a father recognize the musical talent and need for recognition of his 13-year-old son.

La Bendición: In "The Blessing" a grandmother, through love and prayer, leads her grandson to reconsider his ways and to leave a gang.

Como Tú y Papá: "Like you and Dad" asks parents to ask themselves if they are dedicating enough time to their kids.

Tia Julia: "Tia Julia" asks those who are frustrated that they should learn from their mistakes and seek reconciliation.

Luisito: "Luisito" heralds the importance of welcoming a new child into the family.

Solo Me Caí: In "I Just Fell Down" a recently divorced mother admits to a friend that she is physically abusing her daughter.

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