1997 - 2002

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    La Mala Yerba ("Bad Weed") is the story of two teenagers who have chosen a path of drigs and gangs. When one sees that they threaten her five year-old sister, she decides to turn her life around.

    No Hay Horas ("I Don't Have Time") tells the story of Franco, a student who has problems at home and is rejected by his teacher when he tries to explain why he couldnšt complete his schoolwork. Franco receives the support of another teacher.

    El Niņo del Parque ("The Child in the Park") was created especially for the Christmas season, to reaffirm the value of love and solidarity. It tells the story of Lucita who, while walking with her father, decides to give her gloves to a poor family in the park.

    La Quinceaņera ("Sweet Fifteen") is the story of a young girl who is about to turn 15 years old, but says she does not want to have the typical "sweet fifteen" party. Instead she tells her father the best gift would be his promise to seek help for his alcoholism.

    La Mariposa ("The Butterfly"). Two brothers, ages 7 and 9 come across a butterfly while they are playing. Their father urges respect for all living things.

    Buscando a Alma ("Looking For Alma") Alma's father throws her out of the house because she is pregnant. Gang members offer help in getting an abortion, but her father comes to find her and offers his support.

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