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"La Tercera Edad" (The Third Age)

Producer, Writer, Director: Cecilia Domeyko. A series of 200 Video News Releases produced for AARP and distributed nationally to forty U.S. Hispanic TV stations. The VNR's covered health, legal issues, older rights and lifestyles, and were shown most of the major Hispanic markets.
"Prevention is the Best Medicine"
(2000 - 2001):

Examples from a series of 14 Video News Releases arguing that "Prevention is the Best Medicine" produced for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services 2000 - 2001.


Ruth Langley shares stories and pictures of her 11 family members who have died from diabetes and tells us how "learning to manage my diabetes has been the greatest experience of my life." Her doctor, Resa Levitan explains how Ruth and other patients can take charge of their diabetes and lead healthy and productive lives.

Medicare has made it easier by paying for blood glucose monitors and test strips.


Dr. Rebecca Zuurbier, a radiologist at Georgetown University Medical Center shows us that a mammogram is really a simple procedure and can detect cancer as much as two years before a tumor can be felt, even with the best trained hands. Everyday, Medicare makes it easy for its beneficiaries by covering the cost of annual mammograms for women 40 and over.


When 82 year-old Stephanie Joyce was diagnosed with clinical depression, she thought it was a natural part of aging. But as Dr. Barry Lebowitz of the National Institute of Mental Health explains, it is never normal to be depressed. Stephanie thanks her therapy for giving her life back, and now she helps others realize that old age doesn't have to include depression.

"Mammograms for Mother's Day"

Few people know that a major risk factor for breast cancer is just getting older. When Katrina Wallace learned this, she decided to give her mom the gift of a mammogram. Dr. Barbara Paul of the Health Care Financing Administration tells us that 75% of all breast cancers occur in women with no family history.

Colorectal Cancer

Daveene Carrington had never even heard of colorectal cancer before she was diagnosed. But thanks to early detection through colorectal cancer screening, she feels blessed that her cancer was caught in time.

Medicare is helping to save lives by paying for the tests needed to detect colorectal cancer early.

What is Medicare?

Medicare was created just 35 years ago under the Johnson Administration, as a health safety net for older Americans. For many baby boomers, Medicare has always seemed far off - something that their parents worried about as they retired. But more and more boomers are turning 65 and finding that Medicare has become a part of their lives as well. Today, Medicare covers more preventive services than it did in the past.

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