Co-founder and president of Accent Media Productions, Cecilia Domeyko has written, directed and produced dozens of award-winning films and videos, and executive produced a wide array of promotional and public service campaigns directed at minority audiences.

Her work has aired on networks across the U.S. and on five continents. She is known for being able to produce equally well in both English and Spanish, as she completely bilingual. She has worked for U.S. government agencies including the State Department, the National Institutes of Health, the US Agency for International Development, international organizations like the World Bank and the Organization of American States, as well as private corporations and national and international non-profits.

Among her award-winning documentaries is "Cuba Mia" a program (60 and 90 minute versions) about an all-woman orchestra in Havana, a program that aired on PBS for over six years. Her one-hour award-winning independent program "Code Name: Butterflies" about the Mirabal sisters, who died fighting the Dominican Republic 's dictator Trujillo has been shown at VIP events in a dozen US cities and countries.

Ms. Domeyko is known for her productions touching upon sensitive social issues, especially those related to minority audiences. Her work has covered discrimination, drug abuse, racism, domestic violence and AIDS, and for years she has produced work about health and medical problems affecting a diverse audience. She has also produced long-form work about education, including several feature documentaries about education in Latin America, Africa and Asia. For many years she worked as a bilingual producer for AARP, writing and directing radio and video programs directed at an older diverse audience.

For ten years Ms. Domeyko designed, wrote, directed and produced a national campaign to reach the Latino community with messages of love and hope. Entitled “The United Family”, the campaign produced for the US Catholic Church, reached a wide US audience and audiences in 23 Latin American countries. Her dramatic scripts about the challenges facing the Hispanic audience were transformed into powerful videos with messages to inspire immigrants facing challenges related to their adapting to a new life in the U.S. The campaign won over 20 awards, and was one of the most well received campaigns in Spanish language television history.

Ms. Domeyko began her career as a bi-line writer for feature magazines in Latin America and the U.S. She covered political events for several top international publications, while also contributing to magazines directed at families with personal interviews.

From print journalism she went to television after obtaining an MA in film directing from the American University. For over twelve years she covered everything from hard news to feature stories on the US governments international network, and for Univision-TV, Spanish language television’s top network, with a reach of over 100 million. She was also the host for WJLA-TV (local ABC), “Revista”, a half-hour show covering local political news, and was for eight years the Washington correspondent for television networks in Latin America, covering breaking news for an audience of 20 million. She was also the correspondent for EWTN, an international network with an audience of 350 million, covering the visit of Pope John Paul II to Havana. Cuba.

Cecilia holds an MA in film and television directing from American University in Washington, DC.



Dr. Jorgens, who holds a Ph.D. from New York University, is Vice President of Accent Media. He has more than twenty years of experience in film and video production, directing, and education. He was the co-founder of the M.A. Program in Film and Video and the Media Center at The American University in Washington, DC, where taught film and drama.

Over the past three years he oversaw Accent's contract with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, for which he executive produced video news releases, wrote, directed, and edited documentary/training videos on Nursing Homes, Public Service Announcements on Preventive Health, Medicaid, Smoking Cessation, with accompanying information packages. He wrote and co-directed Accent's recent High Definition PSAs for the Administration on Aging. He has also produced several programs on technical subjects, including a training program called "USAID: A Learning Organization" about the Agency's implementation of new computer systems and management practices to make the organization more efficient and innovative.

An accomplished Avid editor, he has edited not only his own productions, but Accent's series of national PSAs for the Catholic Church, and an eleven hour educational series "Diving Into History" on underwater archaeology. An experienced scriptwriter, he wrote the scripts for "Wired For Safety" for the Consumer Product Safety Commission, "Lessons Without Borders" for USAID about innovative ideas used in the developing world and subsequently used in U.S. inner cities, and "Learning Nations" for the World Bank on the impact of new technologies in developing countries. His corporate credits include videos on educational and multimedia technology for the Raytheon Corporation, and Sony.


Richard has been a critical part of the production team at Accent for over ten years. He has coordinates major productions for major government and corporate clients. He has assisted in casting, location scouting, scheduling and studio and location set up and shooting. He has also coordinated focus group testing, and other testing events. His job encompasses a wide array of tasks including maintaining video equipment, helping design for DVDs, duplicating and distribute programs, audio assisting, working as a assistant cameraperson, carrying out photography, among many others. The team counts on Richard to coordinate productions from start to finish, with efficiency, ease, great enthusiasm and team spirit.


Juan Cristobal Vera has played a critical role in many of our medical and health productions, acting as a liaison between Accent Media and clients from many government entities, including the National Institutes of Health, Health and Human Services, and diverse pharmaceutical companies. His task is to make sure all of the information going into productions and related to health, science and medicine are accurate, and is on hand when doubts arise, both on the set as well as in the edit suite. His pleasant demeanor and professional expertise have proved to be valuable assets and essential in conducting business with clients in the science world.


Dan Cohen, a twenty-three year veteran of live and postproduction television, has won TV's prestigious Emmy five times: twice for outstanding achievement in medical producing and three times for newscast and live broadcast production. Besides numerous other awards for medical producing, Dan's production work in health and science has also won him awards from The Associated Press, The American Heart Association, The March of Dimes and most recently, the Washington, D.C. chapter of The Prevention of Blindness Society.

During his long career as a television producer, Dan's assignments have taken him from remote cities in South America to the launch pad of America's Space Shuttle to the presidential campaign trail. His skill for comprehensive coverage under deadline have also won him a wide range of field producer assignments, including war zones with US troops in Bosnia and the Middle East, touring with the Pope, national political conventions, President Reagan's inauguration and Florida's hurricane devastation.

Dan Cohen has worked both in the field and in the control rooms of network-affiliated stations in Orlando, Miami and Washington DC, where he was employed by NBC's station as a line producer, special projects producer and health and science producer. Besides his five Emmy awards, Dan has earned many other Emmy nominations and prestigious awards, including The Ohio State University Journalism award for his achievements in investigative reporting. Dan has lectured for the School of Communications at Ithaca College in Broadcast Journalism and Production. He holds the Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from Ithaca College.


Obeid Malikyar has more than a decade's experience as professional broadcast videographer. He has recently shot for the National Geographic Explorer's documentary "The Holy War", Court TV, and World bank documentaries in Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. He has also lensed dozens of hours of video in many western states and Canada for the new Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, and several episodes of Germany's prestigious magazine show Spiegel TV.

He has filmed from police helicopters, Coast Guard cutters, and the open back of their C-130 rescue planes. He shot interviews for Accent's Media's independent documentary "Code name: Butterflies" as well as many video news releases. Other clients have included VISNEWS, NBC, Internet, EVENT USA, and Johnson & Johnson. He is proficient in the use of dollies, jimmy jib cranes, and has some experience with Glidecam.


Ralf Oberti holds a B.A. in Telecommunication and Film from the University of Oregon. He has been an advanced student and teaching assistant at the Maine Photographic Workshops. He recently completed the Steadicam Workshops there, after being awarded the Tim Scheffer Scholarship to attend this official workshop from Tiffen.

Mr. Oberti has shot for Accent Media in Africa, Latin America and many parts of the U.S. His vast experience has taken him with other productions to Asia, Europe, Easter Island and Antartica in two occasions. Previously he was for many years director of photography and co-editor for a series of the award-winning Chilean documentaries "Al Sur del Mundo." He was also a member of the first South American TV crew to climb the highest point of the Americas, and later member of the first Chilean team to climb "K-2" in the Himalayas.

Mr. Oberti just finished shooting and editing Accent's feature length documentary "Cuba Mia", shot entirely in Havana, and was DP on the one-hour broadcast documentary "The Accidental Diva", which follows the famous soprano Veronica Villaroel's performances in the U.S. and Japan.

Miguel came to Accent with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, and has been a major player in helping us develop, as well as manage all of our programming systems. He is a whiz at designing and developing our software, and keeps us all on track with his reviews, and analyzing and modifying our computer system, He is adept at encoding, testing, debugging and documenting programs; managing our data bases, and installing new software. He also designs and maintains our website programs, and controls information for our marketing efforts. He is a creative designer and is always on hand to help add content and visuals to our sites, making sure all is up and running at all times.


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