Commercial for the new Ana G. Mendez University Campus in Wheaten, Maryland.

For Media Central and Media Arts for the U.S. Department of Education/Media Arts two videos: College: A Possible Dream about a young Latina girl in LA who is the first in her generation to go to college.

The House of the Americas Turns 100 View





View tribute video

View acceptance speech

View article on School of Communication website







































Accent Media produced a fast paced and entertaining series of half-hour programs for The Mayor´s Office of Cable and Communications/TV 25. Celebremos Lo Latino, which means Let´s Celebrate All Things Latino, and which was directed at the Hispanic community of Baltimore and Maryland, aired from 2008 to 2010.

The pilot show was hosted by Maria Welch and written, produced and directed by Cecilia Domeyko, with the support of Vice President, Jack Jorgens, assistant producer Nora Buendia, and Production Assistant Richard Cisneros and editor Jamie Lee Godfrey. Graphics were designed by animator Luisa Winters.
Executive Producer for “Celebremos” is Baltimore Channel 25´s Director Marilyn Harris-Davis.  Channel 25 staff who collaborated in the production of the pilot were Producer Cassandra Vaughn-Fox, and Director of Photography Michael Wells, among others

View the pilot show
Episode 3: Celebremos Lo Latino!
View Part1
View Part2
View Part3

The pilot as well as the regular upcoming show will celebrate the achievements of the Baltimore Latino community, and give information about resources to improve the quality of life, including living a healthier lifestyle.

Viewers will meet people who are growing a successful businesses through hard work and who are leaving a legacy for their children, hear stories about people helping to enrich the culture of the community, connect with young Latinos who are contributing to their environment, learn about the history of Latino dance, food and music, and much more. Fundraising for production of “Celebremos Lo Latino” is underway.

"Proud to be OAS": 10-minute video directed and produced for the the Staff Association Award Ceremony of the Organization of American States, Washington, D.C. View

"Rediscovering Gabriela". Video about the Chilean Nobel Prize Winner for poetry. Ministry of Culture, Government of Chile.

"A Sweet Story" Cecilia Domeyko wrote, directed and produced a 20-minute video produced for Fleishman Hillard and Merck Pharmaceuticals in the telenovela style about diabetes and its management. Shot on location, with local Hispanic dramatic talent. The video is being distributed to physicians´ offices, clinics and other medical centers in the U.S.

For Media Central and Media Arts for the U.S. Department of Education/Media Arts two videos: "College: A Possible Dream" about a young Latina girl in LA who is the first in her generation to go to college. View
Also a second video about a middle school student and her family who say it´s never too early to prepare for college. View or Here

For Maslow Media and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, a 20 minute video called "Turning Point" Veterans who were homeless tell how they were helped to recover through a VA homeless program. The show is being distributed nationally on DVD to regional VA coordinators who are showing it to U.S. veterans. View


A 5-minute English language video on Paso Fino horses for "My Generation TV". View





Las Mirabal de ayer y hoy
A five minute Spanish video about the 50-year anniversary of the death of the Mirabal sisters of the Dominican Republic for Viva TV View

A five minute Spanish video on unemployment among the US Latino population for "Cuide su dólar" a new program directed at a US Spanish speaking audience to educate and inform them about issues related to their financial well being.

For Maslow Media and the American Nurses Association, a 30 second English PSA with actors urging nurses to get their shots in order to protect themselves, families, and patients. View

"The House of the Americas Turns 100" A seven-minute hosted video with animated graphics shown at the OAS Centennial Gala Celebration on April 29, 2010 during the Gala Event at OAS Headquarters in Washington, DC. View


For the National Institute of Mental Health (NIH), Cecilia Domeyko wrote, directed and produced "What is Depression" a 5-minute segment on depression, using dramatic talent, and shooting visuals at NIMH about brain research, testing, and existing interview of a depressed patient. View


BODYWORKS VIDEO: Healthy Lifestyles for Daughters and Moms


Accent has produced a half-hour Spanish language video called Bodyworks directed at young girls and their families to let them know more about how a good diet and regular exercise can help them become healthier. The video was produced for the Office on Women’s Health (HHS) and is being distributed nationally to health centers, clinics and physicians offices. Ana Harvey from the Office on Women’s Health, and Mary Lou Rife, of Rife Communications oversaw the production.



Director/Producer Cecilia Domeyko, Production Manager Rouane Itani and Assistant Producer Jack Jorgens put together a large and highly creative crew and three actors to shoot dramatic scenes in various locations around the Virginia and Washington, DC area. Accent worked with a team of top professionals, including Director of Photography, Dave Goulding, Gaffer Doug Smith, and Audio person, Alex Jennings. Tammy Lazarus provided Food Continuity, Margoux LeRoux, Hair and Makeup, and Jamie Godfrey was the Editor of the program. Accent’s Richard Cisneros and Frank Barroso were Production Assistants.

Nutritional expert Matilde Palmer was the Host of the show, and scenes were enacted by dramatic mother-daughter talent duo, Cynthia Urrunaga who played the role of Marta, and Cynthia Ortiz who played the role of daughter, Clarita. Shooting took place in the McLean, Virginia area in two local homes, and shopping scenes took place at the McLean Safeway Supermarket. Accent also shot interviews with teenage girls in other locations, including Martha’s Table in Washington, DC and at the Wakefield High School in Arlington, Virginia.

The program is being subtitled into English for distribution to festivals.




Accent Media´s Cecilia Domeyko produced, wrote and directed a ten-minute video entitled “Rediscovering Gabriela” about the discovery of a treasure trove of new poems, letters, photographs and other valuable documents belonging to Gabriela Mistral (1898-1957), a Chilean poet who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1951. Gabriela Mistral and Pablo Neruda (1905-1973) are two of Chile’s most beloved and well-known poets. Neruda won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971.



Writer/Director/producer Cecilia Domeyko followed Chilean Ambassador Mariano Fernandez and Minister Counselor Isauro Torres to S. Hadley, Massachusetts to interview Doris Atkinsen, who inherited the Mistral legacy from her aunt Doris Dana, Mistral’s good friend for many years. Ms. Domeyko filmed while Doris Atkinsen packed the legacy before handing it over to the Government of Chile. The video briefly delves into Gabriela Mistral’s life and work, explains how the legacy was discovered, and the importance of the discovery for world literature.

The ten-minute English language video with Spanish subtitles was the centerpiece of the Annual Gala Dinner held by the Embassy of Chile at the Key Bridge Marriott Hotel in December of 2007. Among the 200 guests were Jose Miguel Insulza, Secretary General of the Organization of American States, Paulina Urrutia, Minister of Culture of Chile, Ambassador Mariano Fernandez and his wife Angelica, and many other members of the Washington diplomatic circle, corporate sponsors, and local celebrities. Doris Atkinsen was given an honorary award by the Chilean government during the event.

Susana Travieso was the Director of Photography and Jamie Lee Godfrey editor for “Rediscovering Gabriela.” Accent’s Jack Jorgens was Associate Producer. Music was by the Chilean groups Inti Illimani and Illapu. Sergio Toro, Second Secretary of the Embassy of Chile and Isauro Torres, Minister Counsellor at the Embassy, were the Executive Directors for the video. The program is currently being distributed by the Ministry of Chile to national Chilean television, as well as schools, libraries and other venues throughout the country.


Accent Media President Cecilia Domeyko was one of Latina Style Magazine’s ten annual recipients of the Anna Maria Arias Award. The awards are given annually to successful Latinas throughout the country for their innovation, achievement, and community service.

The award ceremony took place on September 6, 2007 at a Gala Award Banquet, held at the Capital Hilton Hotel’s Presidential Ballroom, and was attended by 250 guests, which included members of Congress, White House executives, Latina entrepreneurs, corporate sponsors, and business and civic leaders from across the country.

The Anna Maria Arias Award is dedicated to the memory of Anna Maria Arias, the late founder of Latina Style Magazine and was inaugurated in 2001.

The Gala Banquet attendees were welcomed by Robert Bard, President of Latina Style Magazine. Guests enjoyed dinner and Spanish dancing. Each Anna Maria Arias recipient walked on stage to express her gratitude for the award, which includes a $5,000 grant.

On receiving her award Accent President Cecilia Domeyko encouraged everyone, not just Latinas, to keep working for success. “There are still a lot of stories untold about us in the media,” she said. “Thank you Latina Style, and ¡Viva las empresarias latinas!”


Television PSAs:

The Doll
After a devastating tornado in which a family loses everything, the act of a Good Samaritan neighbor who brings over a little girl's doll, binds the two families together. View

The Boxer
A young boy stealing a car is caught by its owner, an ex-con boxer who now helps troubled youth by teaching them to box.  He convinces the boy to join the gym where he carries out his good work. View

Mom's Words
A gang girl who gets a ride from a kindly driver tells how she is returning home after two years as a runaway because she never forgot her mother's words of love on her departure.

Radio PSAs

The Doll
After a devastating tornado in which a family loses everything, the act of a Good Samaritan neighbor who brings over a little girl's doll, binds the two families together.

Rice and Chicken (Arroz con Pollo)
A grandmother pleads with her grandchildren to share a meal at the table.  The kids finally recognize the value of family time.

The Boxer
A young boy stealing a car is caught by its owner, an ex-con boxer who now helps troubled youth to learn to box.  He convinces the boy to join the gym where he carries out his good work.

Señora Rosita
Two little girls convince their mom that an elderly and lonely neighbor needs their support, and the family ends up inviting her over for a family dinner.

Just Like You
An abusive husband trying to track down his wife at a battered women's center instead finds his daughter there, and finally recognizes the error of his ways and seeks help.

Great Promise
A high school student called to her teacher's office is worried that she will be reprimanded, but is pleasantly surprised when her teacher tells her she shows great promise.  This leads to her renewed motivation to stay in school.

A New Man
A wife is worried that if her husband stops drinking his love toward her may not be as strong. He assures her this is not true, and the wife pledges to stand by him and help him stop drinking.

Mom's Words
A gang girl who gets a ride from a kindly driver tells how she is returning home after two years as a runaway because she never forgot her mother's words of love on her departure.


Accent designed a national campaign to promote the U.S. National Library of Medicine's website, MedlinePlus. The Spanish-language campaign to reach the over 40 million U.S. Latino television and radio audience was launched in May of 2007. Cecilia Domeyko wrote, directed and produced a series of five 30-second, and five 15-second PSAs hosted by television celebrity Mario Kreutzberger, better known as Don Francisco.
Don Francisco's television program Sábado Gigante is on the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest running television program in Spanish-language television history.
The PSAS were shot in Miami and edited at Interface Media, NVI Post and at Video Movil in Bogotá, Colombia.


Producer/Writer Dr. Jack Jorgens produced two educational videos, “Transforming Hospitals: Designing for Safety and Quality”, and “Transforming Hospitals: Three Case Studies” , for the Lewin Group and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. The videos are aimed at patients, families, and doctors, as well as executives, architects, board members, and others who will oversee more than $250 billion worth of hospital construction from 2006 to 2016. Locations included hospitals in Maryland, Connecticut, and Minnesota, and interviews with twenty-seven of the nation's leading experts about designing for efficiency, safety, lower stress, and quality care.
View Video 1: (14 min). View Video 2: (36 min).



Six new Catholic Communication campaign radio spots written and directed by Cecilia Domeyko are being distributed by Accent this Fall and Spring.

Programmer Comments
Fundraising is underway for post-production and creation of a musical soundtrack for this exciting and moving one-hour independent documentary "Code Name: Butterflies" The documentary, written and directed by Accent´s Cecilia Domeyko, tells the story of the Mirabal sisters of the Dominican Republic who in the 1959s fought against Dictador Rafael Trujillo and for democracy in their country. Dramatic recreations have been shot and a new rough cut is being put together.


2003 San Francisco Bay Area Latino Film Festival
2003 A New York Times Critic's Pick
2003 Telly Gold Award
2003 Winner, Golden Eagle Award, Cine
2003 Silver Plaque, Chicago Film Festival
2003 Silver Award, World Media Festival, Hamburg, Germany
2003 Miami International Festival, Official List
2003 Athens, Ohio International Festival, Official List
2003 2nd Place, Silver Screen Award, U. S. International Film and Video Festival
2003 Screenings, New York International Independent Film and Video Festivals in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New York.
2003 Shown AFI Silver Theater, Silver Spring, MD
2003 September 18, 2003. 8pm Aired on WNET-New York.


Excellent! I am waiting for the music video!
A toe-shaking good time! Fabulous! Random Chick Wearing Red Sneakers

Congratulations! Excellent video!

Very insightful! Great movie!

The film was wonderful! I am from Cuba and I was able to appreciate all that was done to complete this film.

Your movie brought joyous tears to my eyes!

I was in Cuba for a month last year, and your film reminded me of so many of the wonderful experiences that I had there. The music, the people and all the colors! This was just great. O loved your movie and I hope it gets distributed here. Jeanne van Aalat

Very inspiring movie! Great music!

It was very exciting to watch your movie. Great job!

Zenaida is a sensational woman, and a great example of a life of creation. Yesenia you are beautiful and you have a fan in Mexico. Thanks to both for being who you are.

Edelman and Kraft foods tapped Accent producers, writers, and crews to travel to Peru to document development assistance to local coffee farmers. Our first HD production.
For Educational Services Inc. and the Head Start Program, Accent has visited classrooms and homes in Oregon, Ohio, Colorado, and Maryland to capture how Head Start helps solve health problems.
Accent Media offers stunning videos of nature, cultural artifacts, interviews, etc. for museum exhibits shot in DVCAM, Betacam, High Definition Video, and Film. Samples from the hundreds of images and interviews shot all over North America for the National Museum of the American Indian:


Diabetes beings with it a danger to your eyesight. NEI is preparing to launch a national radio and TV PSA campaign to make sure diabetics have a dilated pupil eye exam at least once a year. Produced in High Definition Television for I.Q. Solutions and NEI, the story is told from the point of view of a girl who is proud of her mother for taking good care of her eyes. Written and Directed by Cecilia Domeyko, Executive Producer/Editor Jack Jorgens, DP Ralf Oberti, Production Manager Marisa Arbona-Ruiz.


We are sad to say our lovable mascot, Bear, recently passed away. He can never be replaced. However, we are doing a thorough talent search for a new mascot because this was one of Bear´s last wishes.

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