Accent Media is a multicultural television and radio production company founded in 1988 and located in the Washington D.C. area. We specialize in promotional, training and corporate video and radio programs, as well as documentaries, language adaptations and news packages. We have produced hundreds of distinctive, high-quality programs for advertising and public relations firms, corporations, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.

Accent uses the latest technologies -- the Internet, Digital Audio and Nonlinear Editing, Mac-based graphics, Betacam SP, Digitial Video -- knowing full well that without good researchers and writers, talented musicians, excellent cameramen, and experienced editors, producers, and directors, they don't really matter.

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Accent Media has compiled an outstanding record of delivering award-winning radio and TV programs on time, and on budget. Our gifted creative team has all of the skills needed to provide clients with successful productions, distributions, promotions, monitoring, and quality assurance.

Accent's recent government productions in the area of health have dealt with preventive health services for Medicare, diabetes and eye disease for NEI, and child health and education for the Health/Education Consortium. For the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, we have produced eight Video News Release campaign ("Prevention is the Best Medicine"), a national bi-lingual radio and television campaign on Medicaid ("You Don't Have to Be on Welfare To Get Medicaid"), three training films on nursing homes, and English and Spanish versions of a 15-minute training film on pregnancy and HIV/AIDS.

We are capable not only of high level radio, television, and film production, but of creating full-scale national campaigns, including research, message development, focus group testing, marketing, distribution, and reporting.

Accent is especially expert in producing bi-lingual campaigns - blending English language campaigns with culturally sensitive Spanish productions and outreach to Hispanics. The cost savings of shooting in both languages at once and sharing creative, packaging design, copy, and distribution efforts can be significant.

We are experienced and skilled in marketing, distributing, tracking, and reporting on Spanish-language radio and television programs. Because our programs for AARP, Medicare, the Catholic Church, and other client air regularly on these stations, and they are familiar with the quality of our productions, a program from Accent is more likely to be aired than programs arriving "cold" on programmers' desks.

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