U.S. Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs: "['Magic Wool'] is a beautiful and very touching [story]."

Embassy of Chile: "Cecilia Domeyko's documentary is simply a work of art."

Consumer Product Safety Commission: "When we first developed the idea for a video demonstrating solutions to home wiring hazards, many people told us that that subject matter was too dry and technical to be interesting. But 'Wired For Safety' proves that technical information can be communicated in an exciting, creative manner. . . . People are especially impressed with the interviews with fire victims, the footage of fire damage, and the use of computer graphics."

National Eye Institute, National Institutes of Health: "We were pleased by the competence and creativity exhibited by Accent staff, and found them to be hard working and serious about deadlines and budget constraints. They were good 'team players', and graciously accepted comments and suggestions offered by NEI and other contractor staff. In particular Cecilia Domeyko was an excellent project director, and was a calm and competent presence throughout this complicated and potentially confusing project. I would recommend Accent Media for high quality, well produced products, and thoughtful attention to detail."

Organization of American States: "Cecilia Domeyko has consistently shown herself to be both professional and creative. . . I agree with Rita Moreno who said in our recording session that it was a pleasure to work with a true professional."

The World Bank: "The video itself has been a tremendous success in our training courses. Participants respond well to the vignettes and story line, which is what we want of course. But they also remark frequently on the wide range of shots from so many countries, which is an accolade for all of your efforts in assembling and taking original footage. . . Thank you for the intelligent, diligent, and always compassionate manner you brought to this effort. When we began this collaboration with you, we were relatively ignorant of the time, effort, and details involve in a video production. You knew that, and invariably dealt with us with understanding, patience, and good humor."

The World Bank: "Accent's level of ability, comprehensive knowledge, dedication to the project, and vast contacts make it my first choice when I need the very best in television production."

AARP: "Cecilia's work is consistently of the highest quality, both in production and editorial content. I recommend her highly for any video projects."

Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation: "I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your working team on the jobs that you have performed for the Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation. We believe the quality of the translations and adaptations are excellent."

Telemundo, New York: "Thank you for the video news release and public service announcements "Ojo con su vision." The newsrelease ran on the newscast and the PSA runs every day on our station. I think the fact that it was Celia Cruz delivering the message has made it very popular. Again, thank you for sending us this material. I look forward to many others."

KINTV, El Paso: "I received [the VNR's] 'Fraud by Mail' and 'Pension Money.' I am happy to say that they were excellently done, very professional. We used both stories on the air. I am very interested in receiving more tapes with topics related to the elderly."

Questions Clients Ask

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