The recent Census has made it clear that no large organization or business in the U. S. can afford to ignore the Hispanic population. But special knowledge and extensive experience are required for a successful Spanish-language campaign.

For example, in approaching Hispanics on health issues, producers must know that 1) many Hispanic elders are unfamiliar with senior citizens' centers or find cultural insensitivity there, 2) Hispanic physicians are in short supply and beliefs in folk medicine and the healing power of God often delay medical visits, 3) lack of knowledge and experience with the American health care system, limited funds, and lack of transportation are barriers to timely health care services, and 4) for Hispanics, Spanish-language television and radio are the most credible sources of health information, followed by extended family, work sites, churches, community-wide activities and social clubs and organizations.

Spanish language producers must be aware of differences in vocabulary between different Latino national groups, biases toward getting information that affects the family, and differences between recent immigrants and established families.

Accent's group of producers, researchers, translators, teachers, writers, and journalists provides the kind of multi-cultural, multidisciplinary approach that yields superior results.

Cecilia Domeyko on Location in Cuba

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