For thirteen years, Accent Media has provided outstanding corporate and training videos, as well as broadcast documentaries, public service announcements, and video news releases to its distinguished list of clients. We have built a stellar reputation among clients such as AARP, Medicare, USAID, and the World Bank. Accent brings to its projects award-winning writers and directors, an outstanding pool of actors and voice talent, and the skilled crews traveling across the U.S. and around the world to bring back the visuals that make videos work. Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the opportunity to take advantage of Accent's economically priced, high-quality broadcast production systems and digital nonlinear editing systems to create cost-effective training and marketing solutions.

The printed word offers extensive solutions for text-based training. But video is still the most flexible, persuasive, and powerful medium for the key messages businesses need to communicate. In fact, as the new media expand in bandwidth, video is increasingly relied upon to reach out to viewers.

Video has unmatched flexibility. It can be played on large screens before large audiences. It can be broadcast on TV networks and cable stations, transmitted via satellite, distributed on VHS tape, laserdisc, CD or DVD, or compressed as Real Video for downloading or display on the internet.

Video of different formats and cost-levels can be used to make records of training sessions, symposia, and conferences where time constraints prevent people from seeing all of the important presentations. It can record expert and CEO interviews where the cost in time and travel would be prohibitive.

Video can be used to create video news releases to get your message on the local, regional or national news free.

Video can supplement or replace costly training sessions in multiple locations, allowing trainers to better spend their time answering questions and explaining difficult points.

Videos can brief sales staff on new products and services, give sales persons a powerful tool to take on the road and show to prospective customers. Showing a product or service in action is always more effective than describing it in an office.

Video has unmatched power for recruiting, inspiring, and motivating viewers. Dramatic scenes, eloquent images, stirring music and inspiring narrators have the power to reach viewers emotionally and make a real difference. When was the last time you were moved by a manual or a web site?

Every good business video helps to solve a problem the high cost of travel to several sites, the inability to offer new products and services because of lack of quality personnel. Accent will work with your experts to define the problem, identify a variety of options, and help you select the most effective solution.

RECRUITMENT. Competition for good staff is increasing. Even at a time of layoffs, in the Washington D.C. area alone 40,000 high-tech positions remain unfilled, and many service jobs go wanting. Companies need to project the strong image, purpose and mission that will attract high-level staff.

TRAINING. As the pace of technological change accelerates and the complexity of jobs increases, employers must spend more and more time training and retaining staff. In combination with print materials, Video is a strong tool for providing uniform, cost-effective training over many locations. Spanish language versions can help reach employees who understand explanations better in their native language.

RETENTION. Strong motivational communications and good training programs (and) offer employees a strong reason to stay with the company. They feel they are growing and the company is willing to invest in their future.

INFORMATION. Video can highlight new features of employee benefits, pension plans, insurance, saving hundreds of hours of counseling, and leading staff to the right print, network, and online sources for more detailed information.

MARKETING. It is becoming more difficult to get client attention and hold it long enough to underscore the value of products and services. Quality videos can help salesmen reach prospective clients with the right messages. When salesmen can't appear in person or can't get face to face time, clients will almost always take the time to view a video. Videos can be easily updated to include new products and services.

A COST EFFECTIVE SOLUTION Professionally produced video tapes range in cost from a few hundred dollars for video records of conferences to several thousand dollars per finished minute for extensively scripted and edited programs aimed at large audiences. A carefully planned and budgeted business video will increase productivity, and in most cases save enough time and money over its active life not only to pay for itself, but to yield an attractive profit on the investment.


Produced for Kraft Foods and Edelman PR, "Coffee in Peru", "Coffee in Vietnam", and "Dedicated to Coffee" answered critics who said that Kraft was doing nothing to help developing countries and small farmers deal with oversupplies and falling prices in the world coffee market. The films show Kraft providing test kitchens, training, expertise in growing and processing coffee, development of standards, etc. in order to help countries and farmers improve quality and become more competitive.

"BECOMING A CERTIFIED NURSING ASSISTANT" FOR THE HEALTH CARE FINANCING ADMINISTRATION. This 12 minute video was created to help remedy a shortfall of nurse's assistants in nursing homes. Medicare called on Accent to create inspiring portraits of experienced nursing assistants which could be distributed to nursing homes, colleges, and industry organizations.

"WIRED FOR SAFETY" FOR LISBOA ASSOCIATES AND THE CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY COMMISSION. This twelve minute video dramatizes the importance of inspecting home electrical systems, and the devastating consequences of electrical fires. It includes dramatic footage of home fires, interviews with the victims of home fires as well as a fire chief and an expert in home electrical systems.

"USAID: BECOMING A LEARNING ORGANIZATION" FOR THE U.S. AGENCY FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT. This twenty minute training video on reinventing and reengineering the Agency. The program focuses on the characteristics of USAID as a Learning Organization: personal development, creativity and critical thinking, teamwork, systems thinking, and shared vision. The program documents how development professionals work to eliminate waste, increase efficiency, and improve financial results.

"PREPARING FOR THE 21ST CENTURY" FOR WESTCOTT COMMUNICATIONS. Marketing tape for medical education services delivered via satellite to medical schools and hospitals.

"DIGITAL MULTIMEDIA WATCHDOG" (WITH MEDIA COMMUNICATIONS CORPORATION) FOR RAYTHEON. A marketing tape for sophisticated surveillance computer technologies, including dramatic simulated interviews with intelligence operatives and law enforcement officials.

"WORLDS OF WONDER" FOR WORLDS OF WONDER, A SCIENCE FICTION ART GALLERY. A series of six promotional videotapes produced by Dr. Jack Jorgens for Jane Frank's unique collection of original science fiction and fantasy art. Led to the sales of dozens of original paintings, drawings, and sculptures.

ZENITH CORPORATION. Spanish adaptations of several marketing tapes for new television products.

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