For AARP, we have produced hundreds of radio and TV news pieces for seniors, including:

"LA TERCERA EDAD" (1990 - 2000). A series of 200 Video News Releases produced for AARP and distributed nationally. The VNR's cover health, legal issues, older rights and lifestyles, and are shown in most of the major Hispanic markets In 1998, a survey revealed that 53 of the 60 Hispanic TV stations are regularly airing our VNRs and are interested in receiving them on a regular basis.

"JUBILACION." For five years, Accent produced each year 104 1.5 minute Spanish-language radio programs on seniors issues such as health, consumer fraud, and second careers. We marketed and distributed these programs to 300 radio stations nationwide and in Puerto Rico. We made four usage reports a year based on telephone surveys, including extensive quotations of programmer comments.

For AARP we also produced PSAs and Satellite Media Tours:

"KNOW YOUR RIGHTS" (1993). Producer, Writer, Director: Cecilia Domeyko. A series of five 30 second PSAs for the AARP and the American Bar Association on the rights of U.S. older Hispanics, hosted by film star Rita Moreno. The PSA's were distributed to forty U.S. Hispanic TV stations.

"SMOKING MEDIA TOUR"(1992). Produced by Cecilia Domeyko for AARP. This one-hour teleconference on smoking, featuring U.S. Surgeon General Antonia Novello and several VNR's, was picked up by 50% of U.S. Hispanic TV stations.

A 5-minute English language video on Paso Fino horses for "My Generation TV". View

Las Mirabal de ayer y hoy
A five minute Spanish video about the 50-year anniversary of the death of the Mirabal sisters of the Dominican Republic for Viva TV View

A five minute Spanish video on unemployment among the US Latino population for "Cuide su dólar" a new program directed at a US Spanish speaking audience to educate and inform them about issues related to their financial well being.


"Caregiver Connections: Caring for Frail Seniors and Adults with Disabilities at Home." 15 minutes. INTERGeneration Links, Inc. "More and more individuals opening up their own homes to provide care for frail elders and people with disabilities. It's driven in part by the tremendous need for long term care options for older people and who need help with the activities of daily living. And it's also driven by the economics." - Dr. William Benson. "Being part of a family, either your own family or of someone else's family, is more important to a person's health than even access to health care." -Elsie Fetterman, Ph.D.

"Caregivers" Making Dreams Come True." 12 minutes. INTERGeneration Links Inc., the University of Delaware, and the Helen F. Graham Foundation. People with disabilities have the same dreams that others do. They dream of working at a job that pays well, having a full social live, or vacationing in Hawaii. An accomplished caregiver isn't just good at taking care of physical needs. A really good caregiver is skilled in making dreams come true.

"Caregivers: Enriching Lives, Promoting Independence." 12 minutes. INTERGeneration Links Inc., the University of Delaware, and the Helen F. Graham Foundation. It is tempting for caregivers to try to do everything for the people we care for. Yet good caregiving means more than just providing a safe environment, food, medical care, and transportation. It means encouraging independence, responsibility, and decision-making.

MARITIME ARCHAEOLOGICAL AND HISTORICAL SOCIETY / STATE OF MARYLAND. "DIVING INTO HISTORY." In this eleven hour training series, Accent synthesized complex technical information with fun dives and beautiful underwater footage into a powerful training and recruiting tool for this internationally known group of divers.

For Maslow Media and the American Nurses Association, a 30 second English PSA with actors urging nurses to get their shots in order to protect themselves, families, and patients. View

"FUNDING THE ARTS IN CUBA" (2001). A 57 minutes program directed by Cecilia Domeyko and supported by grants from the Ford Foundation and the Miranda Foundation of Mexico, this beautifully shot one-hour educational program in Spanish outlines how people can set up foundations and non-profit organizations to support the arts. Filled with a tremendous range of art Cuban street music, an all-woman orchestra performing new Cuban compositions in a beautiful basilica, sculptors, ceramacists, painters, classical and modern dancers, this lively program was shot under the most difficult circumstances, yet is emerging not only as a wonderful guide to funding the arts, but a work of art in its own right.

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