Virginia Luna KTVW-TV Ch 33 Univision Phoenix A. Your PSAs are very good and contain interesting subjects. In terms of production the campaign is high quality.” We air your spots in all the available space we have. Please, keep sending us more PSAs.

Lupita Lomelí KFTV-TV Ch 21 Univisión Fresno CA I recognized the campaign very well. All of the subjects are really good. We received “Por Mi Culpa” and “La Bendicion” and they will be on the air, starting April, any time, during the next six months. We would like to receive new ones that include subjects like gangs. The other important subject is about keeping up good communication between parents and their children.

Alejandro Sanchez KSMS-TV Ch 67 Univision Monterrey CA We received them and they soon will be on the air.

Socorro García KVER-TV Ch 12 Univision Palm Desert CA The PSAs are perfect. They are very good and we know the audience has respond very well to each message. Sometimes people call us asking for more details about this campaign. Congratulations, both “Por mi culpa” and “La Bendicion” will be on the air until kill date, they are on air 8 or 10 times/week. We hope to receive more in the future.

Ada García WVEN-TV Ch 26 Univision Alta Monte Springs FL Yes, we received them and they are on 3 times a day. We like them so much. Their message are positive. What I like best about these PSAs is that each message lifts our values. I think the people love to hear these messages specially because they are in dramatic form, and we feel our viewers identifying them. I hope that the campaign will continue. The other comment is with the running time that will be great to receive also PSA of15 seconds. In the future, we are interested in receiving announcements that deal with child abuse.

Adriana Gautreau KLUZ-TV Ch 41 Univision, Albuquerque NM Your PSAs are terrific. They are extremely well made and we air them constantly, 5 or 6 times day to day, from Monday to Sunday, They will be on air until kill date. We look forward to receiving more in the future.

Ruth Perez KLEG-TV Ch 44 Teveamérica Dalla Tx We received the PSAs. They will be on the air in all available space we have. Maybe 4 or 5 times every day, in rotation. I think each message is received for our community like special advice and that is good, really good. We are interested in receiving future PSAs, particularly that deal with drugs.

Melisa Olvera KBZO-TV Ch 51 Univision Lubbock TX We put them on air 10 or15 times/day until kill date. They are excellent. The most memorable spot is "La Bendición”. I remember a call from a viewer, she just watched the PSA, she sound really excited because she identified with that PSA. She explained us her grandson was involved in drugs and gangs. In the future we would especially like to receive announcements with messages to the young Hispanic population-. Please keep sending them to us.

José Toro, WORA-TV Ch 5 Univision Mayaguez, PROur director said that the PSA´s are really good. We are airing them 3 times a day from Monday to Sunday until the kill date.

Maria Cristina Barros WSCV-TV Ch 51 Telemundo Hialeah FL We always transmit the CCC´s announcements, because they are very positive messages. We broadcast them during the time we have available for PSA´s. Please continue sending them in care of my name.

Santiago Hernández WOLE-TV Ch 12 Telemundo Aguadilla PR The PSA´s are very well produced. Please continue to send them. We are airing the announcements 4 times a day from Monday to Friday to the kill date.

Gladys Ramírez Telecare Ch 25 “La Vida Latina” Union Dale NY I love your work. It is excellent, we are transmitting both, “Por mi culpa” and “La Bendicion” four time weekly, since our Spanish programs are Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I would like to receive messages about drop out students.

Benjamín Herrera R News Ch 9 Rochester NY The campaign is very good because it reaches out to young people and adults at the same time.

Gabriel Sabala KTEL-TV Ch 53 Telemundo Albuquerque NMWe receive the PSA’s and we are transmitting them two times daily. We think they are very good, so please, continue sending more PSA’s, with different themes. That way we can rotate them in our program.

Inga Rodriguez WTCV-TV Ch 18 San Juan PR The CCC campaign is a positive campaign, with very interesting announcements. We are broadcasting the PSA’s you sent and we would like to have more messages about drugs and child abuse.

Marian Lozano WTMU-TV Ch 32 Telemundo Charleston MAThe master control in our channel confirms that we are airing the PSA’s in the available time in our local programs. Hi said that the campaign is a very good production and the themes are very well directed to the public.

Rafael Osuba WRAL-TV Ch 5 CBS Raleigh NC I know the CCC campaign very well and I like the announcements very much. I think the messages are excellent. There is one that produced a great impact in our young viewers, “La Quinceañera”. We received calls from our public expressing they like that spot because they identify with the theme. I transmit the PSA’s 2 times in the program I have on Saturday from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM

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