"What should I look for in a production company?"

EXPERIENCE. Is it a solid company with a proven track record?

CREATIVITY. What kind of creative problems did they face in their last three productions, and what did they do to solve them?

TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE. Do they have access to the latest technologies, and know how to use them?

VALUE. Every time the video is shown, people judge your company by it.

SAMPLE WORK. It is clear, persuasive, interesting, moving, or is it all gimmicks and hype? Will it work with your audience?

REFERENCES. Who has the company worked for in the past year or two, and what do they have to say about the experience?

WHAT NOT TO LOOK FOR. Slick sales pitches, marble lobbies, unbelieveable bargains, trainees doing your work, big companies where your project is lost among 50 others. We are often asked to re-do projects where clients have been taken in by this kind of thing.


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