1. Proposal, Timeline, Strategic Approach, Marketing Plan. Budget
  2. Draft contract including payment schedule
  3. Sign final contract
  4. Research, Re-visit strategic approach, determine creative approach.
  5. Script Writing
  6. Script Revisions
  7. Client script approval (include storyboard if required)
  8. Pre-production and travel arrangements, including air travel, hotel, interpreters, drivers, etc.
  9. Auditions and Casting (if talent needed), contracts for talent and crew.
  10. Focus Groups (if needed)
  11. Set design, costumes, & props.
  12. Production (studio and/or location)
  13. Search for stock footage & obtaining rights to same
  14. Design of computer graphics and titles
  15. Design, approval and printing of packaging and accompanying print
  16. Library Music, location music, or original music with composer, arranger, singers & instrumentalists
  17. Rough Cut (s)
  18. Client viewing & comments
  19. Focus Groups (if needed)
  20. Revisions (if needed)
  21. Final master
  22. Approval of final master
  23. Duplication
  24. Marketing and Distribution
  25. Tracking of usage
  26. Final report and delivery of masters, production materials, etc. to client


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