The demand in the professional and broadcast video world is overwhelmingly for editors who can edit on the Avid. These two basic courses by an experienced editor and teacher will give beginners a solid introduction to nonlinear editing, and prepare those with experience in linear editing and/or the Media 100 to work confidently on the Avid. Classes of 1 to 3 students meet evenings or weekends -- arranged to suit your schedule.

[If needed, Basic Mac Operating System: system, desktop, folders, files, applications. Windows, Icons, Mouse, Pull-down menus. Views. Settings. Control panels. Extensions. Clip board. Trash can.] Compression. Storage, VCR's, monitors, memory. Starting it up. Opening, manipulating, and saving files. Settings, Users, Bins. Digitizing. Video resolutions. Naming conventions for clips. Medialog. Overview of Audio tool, Audio Mix, Timeline, Video in. Video Out. Creating a new Timeline. Viewing and playing clips. Marking ins and outs. Mouse vs. Keyboard. Go To. Sub clips. The Timeline: video and audio. Creating a bin & a sequence. Splicing vs. Overwriting. Rearranging shots. Extract vs. Lift. Trimming. Audio sync, levels, pans, EQ. The Title Tool. [5 Hours instructional time + 5 hours individual hands-on practice. $500.]

II. INTERMEDIATE AVID. Basic Effects: transitional, motion, color, graphics. Printing bins. Media management. Revising complex sections on the timeline. Different versions (including language versions) of the same show. Effects: transitions, layering, nesting. Advanced Audio mix: pan, stereo, global levels and pan. Drop Frame / Non Drop Frame. Bars & Tone. Improving video with the time base corrector and software using the waveform monitor and vectorscope. Digital cut. Problems and solutions: corrupt media, lost media, 5 hours instructional time + 5 hours individual hands-on practice Avid. $500.]

Dr. Jack Jorgens is co-founder of the M.A. Program in Film and Video at The American University where he has taught film, video, and interactive multimedia for 20 years. He has also taught at the Sony Workshops, Clark University, The American Film Institute, etc. Recent projects edited on the MCXpress include 6 national film spots for the Catholic Church, "Thieves" (a 17 minute magazine piece on pickpockets), "Clones" (12 minute magaizine piece), a commercial for Gama International, "Strange Attraction" a 12 minute video on sculptor Lisa Snellings, and "Education in Chile" (a half hour documentary for the World Bank).


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