Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
"The Secret" (2002)
A cute granddaughter finds out her Grandma's secrets for staying healthy. :60 sec

"Feeling Good." :
While taking their grandson to the park, two grandparents talk about the reasons why they decided to quit smoking.
:60 sec.

"I Never Thought It Could Happen To Me." :
A young HIV-positive mother who passed the infection on to her baby pleads with women to get tested.
:60 sec.

"The Birthday Present" (2000):
A grandfather's love for his grand-daughter, and his desire to see her grow up, make him realize he needs to take better care of his health.
260k - :60 sec. | :30 sec. | :15 sec.


2000 Crystal Award of Excellence, Communicator's

The Cincinnati Reds aired Accent Media's PSA "The Birthday Present" for Medicare on the big screen at their ballpark during five "Senior Days" starting July 5, 2001.

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