The vision of television just got better. Your audience will see and feel the difference. THE LOOKS OF HD

HD LOOKS BETTER. As with film, even when finished and released in standard definition television, downconverted High Definition images are noticeably superior to footage shot in any traditional video format. Finished in HD and viewed on an HD monitor, the widescreen images are simply astonishing.

HD HAS A BIGGER IMPACT ON AUDIENCES. The aims of documentary / training videos and Public Service Announcements are to entertain, move audiences, convey information, and persuade. With professional lighting and camerawork, HD has a clarity, detail, and color which carry through to the final product. Stories told with HD images have an impact on viewers which is not possible in economy formats. HD programs are more beautiful and powerful, convey more information, and hold viewersı attention longer.

HD RETAINS ITS VALUE LONGER. Part of the value of any video production is the raw archival footage which can be re-used in future programs. As the viewing public moves toward acceptance of widescreen, digital, and high definition images, HD footage retains its usefulness for the next decade, while ordinary footage suffers serious degradation when up-converted to HD formats. Many broadcast networks require HD masters of programs they buy.

HD RETAINS THE FLEXIBILITY OF BETACAM AND DIGITAL BETACAM. In development since 1981, HD is a mature medium. In the field, portable HD cameras are rugged and light weight -- similar in size to Betacam, sensitive under low light. The same camera can be outfitted for studio use, and in linear and non-linear editing suites, HD VCRıs can provide letterboxed, edge-cropped 4x3, or anamorphic widescreen images for finishing in standard definition.

HD IS A BETTER INVESTMENT. The costs of shooting in HD are not much higher than shooting in ordinary broadcast formats like BetacamSP, Digital Betacam, or high end DV formats. And the cost for HDıs filmlike images are far lower than 16mm and 35mm film. With its moderate cost, superior color and image, power to reach audiences, and long shelf life, HD simply offers more value.

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