Accent Media's radio and television public service announcements for the Catholic Communication Campaign is in its fourth year.› The main theme is "La Familia Unida, Esperanza en La Vida"› (Unity in the Family means Hope in Life).› The eight radio spots and four TV spots focus on problems like domestic violence, gang violence, generational conflict, AIDS, and child abuse.

Accent carried out the entire campaign.› We conducted research, developed program ideas, wrote the scripts, conducted focus group tests, carried out casting, production, post-production, promotion, distribution, and followed up with tracking and evaluation.

The campaign has achieved extraordinary success.› In 1999, "Te Quiero Papa" PSA won both the Unda-USA Gabriel and the Telly Award-Bronze and "La Nueva Alumna" won the Telly Award-Bronze. The 1999 WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival-Silver was presented to Accent Media for "La Familia Unida" TV Campaign. "Te Quiero Papa" and "La Nueva Alumna" also won third place at the 1999 International Film and Video Festival in Illinois.›› In 2000, the campaign has already received a Gold Summit Award, a Mercury Award and a Communicator Award.

The Radio Access report, incorporating information obtained by Accent Media, is based on the results of 442 stations. Even so, the results are extremely positive. Based on those stations, according to Radio Access, from March 15, 2000 to May 16, 1999, the PSAs being broadcast reached:

  • 5 of the top 5 Hispanic/Anglo markets (31 stations)
  • 12 of the top 15 Hispanic/Anglo markets (67 stations)
  • 18 of the top 25 Hispanic/Anglo markets (91 stations)

    The PSAs had a total of 361 average broadcasts per station, with a total of 159,952 airings reported. There were a total of 426,813,000 impressions, (total average number of times heard by the target audience nationwide.)

    The dollar value for broadcasting these PSAs amounts to $ 2,618,876. In other words, this is the amount that CCC would have had to pay if these had been paid advertisements.


    Miriam Toffes
    Mayaguez, PR
    We like the spots very much. We feel that we are providing a service to our audience by airing them. We often re-edit them to make them shorter and since we like them we are airing them as often as five times a day.

    Alfonso Jimenez
    Ponce, PR
    We received 'Luisito" and "Solo me Cai". We like them a great deal and also like the Tag voice because it is clear and it does not have an accent which can be sometimes bothersome to the ear of the adult listener. We are currently airing the spots as often as ten times a day.

    Jose Luis Garcia
    El Paso, TX
    We have a program on Sundays called "Conozca su Comunidad". We like to include your spots during this program aimed at informing our community on issues that affect their lives. We feel that your announcements are educational and that the messages are reflective and stay with you. They have been an asset to our programming.

    Patricia Alvarez
    Chula Vista, CA
    Our audience welcomes, as we do, your PSAs because they carry a message of love and hope that are very much needed in these difficult times where violence instead of love seems to have the upper hand. They make us all reflect upon the issues that are really important to a family and a community...I congratulate you for the awards the PSAs have earned. You deserve them!

    Jose Luis Garcia Uribe
    WORC AM radio latina
    Northboro, MA
    I like your spots because they are well made and also because they go to the heart of the matter. I like the background music and the Tag. Most of the radio programmers tend to be men and, therefore, we enjoy a female voice delivering the Tag. It makes it stand out because it's unique. We are currently airing your PSAs four times a day.

    Reno, NV
    We have truly enjoyed listening and airing all the PSAs that you sent us this past year. The messages are excellent and very positive. Our audience loves them and we air the announcements constantly.

    The TV PSAs were broadcast a total of 31,895 times on Spanish-language stations, for a total of 870,353,000 broadcast impressions and an average of 483 broadcasts per station.› The broadcast and cable dollar equivalency (what it would have cost to pay for this air time) was $9,369,111.

    Typical comments from TV broadcasters:

    KMEX TV34
    "We feel the PSAs, "La Guitarra" and "La Bendicion", are excellent. We have been airing them since December 2nd and will continue to air them through the month of March.› We air them 3 to 4 times a week at different times and during various programs, since we consider them to be messages for different types of viewers.› They are entertaining and the quality is of the highest level."

    WCEA TV19
    "We are airing them twice a day because we feel they are very good."

    KUVN TVCh23 UnivisiŘn
    "I like the announcements very much;› I find them very good. That is why we are airing the 60-second one, three to four times a week."

    KBNT Ch19
    "We are airing them 6 to 8 times per week.› We like the production and the themes addressed very much."

    KCEC TV Univision Colorado
    The production is excellent. The PSAs definitively touch the entire Hispanic community.

    WSNS TV44
    We are airing "La Guitarra" four times a week because we believe it covers a very basic problem, and that it's more realistic. I› think "La Bendicion" is more religious.

    KVDA TV60
    They are very dynamic and entertaining. We are going to air them until the end of April. The employees here at the station love them because they feel they touch people deeply. We are airing them three times a week.

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