* Claudia Ruiz, Research Associate, Center for Child and Family Policy Durham, NC: The spot "La Mala Yerba" was extremely illustrative for it shows that the family stands behind their children, no matter what. To sum it up: I found it highly educational and stimulating.

* Jessica Sánchez, KMAZ-TV Ch 48 Telemundo, El Paso, TX: "Our station is broadcasting "La Quinceañera" 7 to 10 times a day per week. Its message clearly warns parents about alcohol abuse. We are also airing "La Mala Yerba" and "Buscando a Alma". They are also excellent and we are televising all threein 30 and 60 second versions. I commend the CCC Campaign because it conveys clear and valuable messages that our viewers can relate to and understand."

* SamyCaban, WOLE-TV Ch 12 Telemundo, Aguadilla, PR: "I love "La Quinceañera". I think highly of all the CCC PSAs because the video quality and the acting are first rate. I remember fondly "La Verguenza" and the one about the grandmother who prays for her grandson because she fears for his safety since he is a member of a gang."

Hector Rubalkava, La Buena TV Ch 29, Santa Maria, CA: "We have a backlog of PSAs but yours is already programmed for broadcasting on May 12th. I found "La Quinceañera extremely informative and creative. I had already heard it on the radio but seeing it on video is even better. This spot clearly identifies with the situation that many Hispanic families face today. The campaign stands out in my mind and I particularly remember "Por mi Culpa" for the impact it had among our viewers. We received numerous laudatory phone calls while we aired that particular PSA."

Jesus Burgos, W63CU Ch 63 Telemundo, WI. "They are very well done. They are very professionally done. I feel very proud to air them. They are good messages for the community, and I think they reach the community."

Evette Cortez, WTMO-TV Ch 40 Telemundo, Florida. "The spots you sent to us are outstanding, deeply touching, and greatly help our audience. For instance the scene between the young pregnant woman and her father is very moving. Likewise, the one about the little girl who wants to try drugs and is saved when protected by her older sister."

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