Catholic Communication Campaign 2006

The Doll
After a devastating tornado in which a family loses everything, the act of a Good Samaritan neighbor who brings over a little girl's doll, binds the two families together.

The Boxer
A young boy stealing a car is caught by its owner, an ex-con boxer who now helps troubled youth by teaching them to box.  He convinces the boy to join the gym where he carries out his good work.

Mom's Words
A gang girl who gets a ride from a kindly driver tells how she is returning home after two years as a runaway because she never forgot her mother's words of love on her departure.

Catholic Church "United Family" Campaign
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Radio Public Service Announcements
Catholic Communication Campaign 2002

Buscando a Alma (Looking for Alma)
A father kicks his pregnant daughter out of his house, then goes to find her and reconcile with her.
:60 sec.
:30 sec.

La Mala Yerba (The Bad Weed)
A sister thinks drugs and gangs are cool until her little sister becomes interested in them.
:60 sec.
:30 sec.

La Quinceanera (The Fifteenth Birthday)
A girl confesses to her father that she doesnąt want her 15th birthday celebration because she would be embarrassed to see him drunk again. Shocked, he promises to get help.
:60 sec.
:30 sec.

"Invita a la Vecina " ("Invite the Neighbor") (2000):
Being nice to your neighbor not only makes them feel good, but it makes you feel good too. A little girl teaches her mother it's important to do nice things for your neighbor.
3M - :60 sec.
"Por mi Culpa" ("It was my fault") (2000):
A battered woman who feels her abusive husband is justified in hurting her, discovers it's not her fault when her brother sees the bruises on her face and takes her into his home.
1.6M - :60 sec.
"La Tardanza"" ("Tardiness") (2000):
When a child's teacher comes to the door, a parent will often think the worst. In this case, a mother's fears are laid to rest when her daughter's teacher visits with some good news.
3M - :60 sec.
"La Nina Diferente" ("The Different Girl") (2000):
A daughter asks her mother what AIDS is and gets a lesson in accepting people who are HIV positive. This inspires her to invite an HIV positive friend to her birthday party.
1.7M - :60 sec.
"La Guitarra" ("The Guitar") (1999):
Concerned his son's desire to play guitar will take away from his academic studies, a father tells his son not to waste his time. He changes his mind after hearing his son won a music award and realizes his music is important.
320k - :60 sec.
"Solo me Cai" ("I Just Fell Down") (1999):
Bruises on a child's shoulder prompt her mother's friend to speak up and offer understanding and guidance to the mother in dealing with abuse.
320k - :60 sec.
Radio version of this PSA
20k - :60 sec.
"La Bendicion" ("The Blessing") (1999):
Choosing to leave a gang is a difficult decision to make, but with the love of a family it can be a lot easier.
1.7M - :60 sec.
Windows Media Format
"La Verguenza" ("Shame") (1999):
A father rejects his son because the son has AIDS. The father then comes to terms with his desire for reconciliation and his need to ask for forgiveness.
28.8k - :60 sec.
"La Nueva Alumna" ("The New Student") (1998):
It's easy to make fun of the new girl at school - until you remember what it is like to be alone and made fun of in a new town.
1.63M - :60 sec.

Client Comments

"Te Quiero Papa" ("I Love you Papa") (1998):
The humor and warm feelings that come when a son calls his parents to tell them he loves them.
1.6M - :60 sec.
Radio version of this PSA
20k - :60 sec.
2005 “El Hermanito” received the CINE Golden Eagle Gabriel Award for Television.
2003 Gabriel Award “La Familia Unida Esperanza en la Vida” Radio Campaign.
2003 Bronze, Telly Award, “La Familia Unida Esperanza en la Vida” Campaign, spot “Buscando a Alma”
2003 Honors, Mercury Excellence Awards “La Familia Unida Esperanza en la Vida” Campaign, spot “Buscando A Alma”
2001 CINE Golden Eagle, Television PSAs
2001 Gabriel, Radio PSAs
2001 Gabriel, Television PSAs
2001 Silver Award, WorldFest Houston, TV Campaign
2000 Crystal Award of Distinction, The Communicator Awards "La Familia Unida Esperanza en la Vida" (complete campaign)
2000 Silver Winner, 14th International Mercury 2000 Award Competition: La Familia Unida Esperanza en la Vida
2000 GOLD Gabriel Award "La Familia Unida Esperanza en la Vida-Shame" Radio PSA
2000 Unda-USA Certificate of Merit Award, Gabriel Awards Competition, "La Familia Unida Esperanza en la Vida-Shame" TV PSA
2000 GOLD, The Summit Creative Award. "La Famila Unida Esperanza en la Vida"
1999 Mercury Awards "1999 La Familia Unida Campaign" - Radio PSA
1999 Unda-USA Gabriel Awards "Te Quiero Papa" - Radio PSA
1999 Unda-USA Gabriel Awards "Te Quiero Papa" - Television PSA
1999 Telly Awards-Bronze "Te Quiero Papa" & "La Nueva Alumna"
1999 WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival - Silver for "La Familia Unida" TV Campaign
1999 International Film and Video Festival - Third Place
1999 Summit- Bronze for "La Familia Unida" - Radio Campaign
1997 Summit- Bronze for "La Familia Unida" - Radio Campaign
1998 WorldFest-Flagstaff International Film Festival - Gold for "La Familia Unida" TV Campaign

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