1997 - 2002

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Por Mi Culpa: "It's My Fault," depicts a victim of domestic violence who accepts the help of her brother.

Invita a la Vecina: In "Invite the Neighbor," a young girl persuades her mother to invite a lonely elderly neighbor to come over and celebrate her birthday.

La Tardanza: "You're Late" highlights the importance of maintaining communication between parents and children.

El Héroe: "El Heroe" (The Hero), is aimed to young people and urges them to acknowledge and value parents and grandparents.

Las Galletas: "The Cookies" shows how love and kindness are worth more than expensive presents.

La Niña Diferente: "A Different Child" relates the story of a child who decides to befriend a girl at her school who has AIDS.

El Incendio: "The Fire" Is an invitation to nonviolence, which the campaign "La Familia Unida Esperanza en la Vida" wishes to extend to our youth.

El Bastón: In "The Cane" we are reminded that we must not lose sight of the importance of family solidarity, especially when it comes to our elders.


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